Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Climate Council says Australia's greenhouse gas emissions rising

Dr Martin Rice
Acting CEO and Head of Research

Last Friday night, the Federal Department of Environment and Energy discreetly released news that deserved front page attention: 
 Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution levels have risen yet again. Worse, this is the third year running.

The data should have been released months ago, but instead, it seems the Government has waited for an opportune moment to slip this worrying news under the table. 

And if this sounds familiar, it most certainly is.
It’s a tactic that’s been used time and again, as the Government has repeatedly tried to conceal the fact that emissions have been rising since March 2015. They have released reports on Australia’s rising emissions on Christmas Eve, on weekends, during holiday periods or major events, hoping that no one is paying attention.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government has no credible climate policy to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. And the stakes are deadly serious.  

Australia has just experienced its driest September on record (1), with farmers desperately waiting for rain. With the bushfire season starting early in many local government areas in NSW, and large areas of Queensland and most of NSW in drought, Australians are already feeling the acute impacts of rising greenhouse gas pollution levels. 

But we’re not letting the Government get away with these sneaky climate censorship tactics. 

Over the long weekend, we were out in the media making sure the Australian public gets the facts it deserves about climate change. 

Will you share this article with your friends and family to show the Government that no matter what tactics they try, they can’t smother the truth on climate? We need to get this news to as many people as possible so that they know the truth about Australia’s emissions scorecard. 

At a time when credible Federal Government climate policy remains missing in action, the need for transparent greenhouse gas pollution information has never been more important.

Together, we can hold the Government to account and keep pushing for positive change with the bountiful renewable energy and storage solutions that we have on hand.

Dr Martin Rice
Acting CEO and Head of Research

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