Friday, 22 June 2018

This week's NSW budget was a missed opportunity for NSW say Greens MPs.


This week's NSW budget was a missed opportunity for NSW.

It lacked vision, ignored the environment and climate change, and attempted desperate catch-up after years of underfunding and privatisation of essential services and infrastructure.

The economy is here to serve people and our community - not the other way around.

This budget doesn’t measure or address what really matters in people’s lives because this Government is guided by the calculator rather than the needs of the community.

It locks in escalating inequality and rising greenhouse gas emissions. It does little to address homelessness and housing insecurity, and offers no plan for creating a more equal and caring society.

The Greens believe we should start measuring the things that really matter to the people and communities of NSW.

Later this year the Greens will re-introduce our Wellbeing Indicators Bill to the NSW Parliament - a bill that for the first time would measure and promote the wellbeing of people, communities and nature across NSW.

It’s an important opportunity to chart a different course, to make politics relevant to people and ensure the economy is serving the needs of all citizens.

We want people and communities to grow and thrive. Budgets shouldn’t be about just the dollars and cents, they should be about all of us.

Yours in action for a better future,
NSW Greens MPs

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