Saturday, 31 March 2018

Greens welcome Alcohol Advertising Inquiry report but want last drinks called on beer and liquor advertising in sport

The Greens have welcomed the release today of the final report from the Parliamentary Inquiry into alcohol advertising as a significant step forward on regulating the industry but warn more needs to be done on advertising in sport.

Greens MP and Alcohol Harm spokesperson Justin Field said the Greens endorse the key report finding "that the strict regulation of alcohol advertising has an integral role to play in addressing the significant health and social costs that alcohol-related harm causes in our society, and in encouraging a healthier lifestyle among all Australians".

In a dissenting report, he called for this regulation to go further, calling on the NSW Government to urgently stop alcohol sponsorship and advertising of sports popular with children and young people.

"In recent years we have come a long way in restricting the advertising of harmful products such as tobacco, it's right that we now turn our attention to the promotion of alcohol and its associated risks," Mr Field said today.

"The Greens are calling on the NSW Government to call last drinks on alcohol advertising in sports popular with children and young people under the legal drinking age.

"We're rightly concerned with the impacts on children and young people of their heroes being caught tampering with a cricket ball, but what about the message sent about drinking by our sporting heroes and teams popular with children?

"Children and young people under 18 are especially vulnerable to the normalisation of alcohol created by endless advertising and promotional messages linked to their sporting heroes and teams and shown during sports broadcasts.

"It's not that you can't enjoy a drink in moderation during a game. It's the risk that our children and young people grow up thinking that you must drink in order to be part of it.

"Alcohol brands are hitching themselves to these sporting people and events so they can game the advertising rules. When you sit down to watch major sporting games with your children, they end up watching alcohol ads on repeat between watching their sporting heroes wearing those same labels on the field.

"The community supports change in this area and the NSW Government should take what action they can to end alcohol advertising in sport," he said.

Final Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill 2015 available here:
Greens dissenting report available here:

29 March 2019

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