Friday, 22 June 2018

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Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC

Big win on Safe Access: Campaign to decriminalise abortion continues

Mehreen Faruqi MLC

A massive thank you to everyone who supported our End12 Campaign for safe access, and to decriminalise abortion. NSW Parliament has passed laws to create 150m safe access zones outside abortion clinics. This is a huge moment for the Greens’ campaign that disrupted the status quo and brought the long-overdue abortion rights debate to this point.
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People are citizens, not customers

Justin Field MLC

Are we 'citizens' or 'customers' of government? It's about more than just words - the NSW Government's corporate language is deliberately intended to make its interaction with people transactional, less accountable and less democratic. Watch my speech in parliament on why government and the economy should serve people, not the other way around.
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Hey Premier, if homelessness is a priority, you actually need to invest in housing

Jenny Leong, MP for Newtown

The NSW budget shows the Liberal and National parties have ignored the urgent need for investment in public housing and measures to make housing affordable. It’s meaningless for the Premier to identify homelessness as one of her priorities if she is not willing to invest in addressing the housing crisis in our state, especially when the budget surplus this year is $3.9 billion.
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Jamie Parker MP 

New anti-corruption laws

Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain

Here in NSW, corruption is still governed by common law offences that are complex, with no set maximum penalties - and they can be difficult to apply as a result. I introduced a bill this week to create new, modern criminal offences that capture corrupt conduct: the Crimes Amendment (Misconduct in Public Office and Other Matters) Bill 2018.
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Dawn Walker MLC

Our forests in danger

Dawn Walker MLC

The NSW Government has introduced a new forestry bill that hands over environmental management of our public forests to the logging industry. The Greens will stand with forest activists to oppose this bill, and will move amendments to protect biodiversity and try to stop plans to log our precious forests.
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Tamara Smith MP

No West Byron mega-development

Tamara Smith, MP for Ballina

I am proud to have stood with the community since 2013 in opposition to the West Byron mega-development at the town's entrance. The negative environmental and social impacts it would create far outweigh the short term profits of a few property investors. Sign my petition to say NO to West Byron - and please share with everyone you know.
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Liberal-National Government shuts down debate on right to protest

David Shoebridge MLC

The NSW Government has gagged debate in Parliament on repealing laws that give police powers to shut down any protest on public land. There is no doubt that these powers have been abused. Whether it’s protesting a coal mine, calling out the inhumane treatment of refugees or handing out leaflets at a festival, we will always support your right to protest.
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Senator Lee Rhiannon

Greens bill to end live sheep exports introduced to the Senate

Senator Lee Rhiannon

This week I introduced a bill to the Senate to end live sheep exports. There can be no more chances for the inherently cruel live export trade. The Greens' five-point plan to transition out of live exports is better for animals, better for workers and better for local economies.
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Jeremy Buckingham MLC

Government inserts loopholes into water compliance reform

Jeremy Buckingham MLC

New legislation intended to fix water compliance is riddled with loopholes and a new trading regime that will likely favour big irrigators at the expense of the environment, long-term sustainability and downstream users. It's terrible news for the Murray Darling river system. 
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This week's NSW budget was a missed opportunity for NSW say Greens MPs.


This week's NSW budget was a missed opportunity for NSW.

It lacked vision, ignored the environment and climate change, and attempted desperate catch-up after years of underfunding and privatisation of essential services and infrastructure.

The economy is here to serve people and our community - not the other way around.

This budget doesn’t measure or address what really matters in people’s lives because this Government is guided by the calculator rather than the needs of the community.

It locks in escalating inequality and rising greenhouse gas emissions. It does little to address homelessness and housing insecurity, and offers no plan for creating a more equal and caring society.

The Greens believe we should start measuring the things that really matter to the people and communities of NSW.

Later this year the Greens will re-introduce our Wellbeing Indicators Bill to the NSW Parliament - a bill that for the first time would measure and promote the wellbeing of people, communities and nature across NSW.

It’s an important opportunity to chart a different course, to make politics relevant to people and ensure the economy is serving the needs of all citizens.

We want people and communities to grow and thrive. Budgets shouldn’t be about just the dollars and cents, they should be about all of us.

Yours in action for a better future,
NSW Greens MPs

Centre Alliance rips off Australians

Senator Hanson Young
The Centre Alliance party has let down Australians by voting with the Turnbull Government to force unfair tax cuts for high income earners including politicians and millionaires through the Senate tonight.

"Locking in $140 billion worth of income tax cuts, which overwhelmingly go to the wealthiest Australians, is economically reckless, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. In South Australia, for every $1 in income tax cuts, we will lose $1.40 in funding to essential services thanks to the Centre Alliance," Greens finance spokesperson and Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young said.

State government cuts to your library's funding

Dear Councillors,
As you may be aware, yesterday’s 2018-19 NSW State Budget delivered a bitter blow to NSW councils by inexplicably slashing funding for the 368 libraries across the state by $5.275M – an 18% reduction.
Please see attached a response from the NSW Public Libraries Association that has been circulated in a media release this afternoon.

Greens label State Government ‘puppets’ of the logging industry following passing of new laws

Greens MP Dawn Walker has labelled the State Government puppets of the logging industry following the passing of the Forestry Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 in the NSW Upper House in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
“The State Government’s new logging laws will result in dramatic increases in the scale and intensity of logging in our coastal forests, putting several threatened species, including our already dwindling koalas at direct risk” said Dawn Walker MP.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


climate change
The NSW Government has delivered a State Budget with a conspicuous lack of investment in climate action and improving our environment, and a shortfall on Climate Fund Change fund spending, according to the NSW Greens.

NSW Greens MLC and Treasury spokesperson Justin Field has also called on windfall profits from the sale of Snowy Hydro to the Commonwealth to be directed to regional NSW, with the majority of funds earmarked for climate action and renewable energy investment.

Greens says State Budget falls short for North Coast

North Coast Greens MP Dawn Walker has criticised the NSW 2018-2019 State Budget saying it falls short of what the North Coast community expect from a Government, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.

"Protecting our precious natural environment is consistently identified as one of the highest priorities by people living on the North Coast in survey after survey, yet this Government has only allocated an appalling 1.6% of their total budget expenditure to environmental protection across NSW" said Dawn Walker MP.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Greens want all TAFE fees abolished says Dwwn Walker MP

Today the NSW Government announced they will scrap TAFE fees for 100,000 apprentices. While they are right that Australia is in the grip of a major skills shortage, all TAFE courses and pre-apprenticeships should be made free, not just for those under-taking apprenticeships.

The Greens want all TAFE fees abolished to help meet skill demands across the workforce and an end public funds going to private vocational education providers so we can make TAFE the world-class public education system that it once was!

Dawn Walker June 18

Bellingen Shire: Homes for our Future - Planning

Homes For Our Future

See Discussion Paper for more information.

What is happening?

Council is embarking upon a new Growth Management Strategy.
We want your help to shape the direction and priorities of this strategy.

A Growth Management Strategy (GMS for short) guides how, and by how much, a place should grow.

We can plan for change, but we cannot prevent it. There are many opportunities and challenges facing the Shire we need to be ready for. The Homes for Our Future Discussion Paper gives an overview of our population trends and housing challenges.

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 and also

See other projects on the Bellingen Shire Create Website

From Bellingen Mayor's Desk


Last week I travelled down to Sydney with my fellow mayors and general managers from MIDROC (Mid North Coast Region of Councils) to meet with several NSW state government ministers about a number of issues of concern.  We met Gabrielle Upton Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole Minister for Lands, Forestry, Liquor, Gaming & Racing, Melinda Pavey Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight as well as several government staff.
We were seeking some clarity around the Joint Organisation announcement, the new legislation around the management of Crown Lands, the handover of the Old Pacific Highway, and the rating of Forestry lands. I was in particularly concerned that there would be further costs to our ratepayers from the handover of the management of Crown Lands and the old Pacific Highway to Council.
I was also seeking some answers about the ongoing funding and make-up of the newly announced Joint Organisations. In addition I asked the question about Forestry paying rates as we have large areas of both our shire and more broadly across our region that are unrateable.  Although we did not come away with the answers we were seeking at this meeting, being able to approach these issues as a united group was very empowering and I hope we can continue to work together in the future for the benefit of our communities.


Council has been out and about engaging with the community over the past month as part of its Growth Management Strategy review process. Community Information Sessions were held in Dorrigo, Bellingen and Urunga last week and Council Planners set up a stall at the recent Urunga, Bellingen and Dorrigo community markets.
A number of targeted meetings have also been held with key stakeholders including development industry professionals, seniors groups and local Aboriginal Land Councils regarding specific matters of interest.
Over the next few months we will be continuing our engagement process so, if you are part of a group that has an interest in how we should grow in the future please make contact with council to request a meeting. We have deliberately chosen to engage for a three-month period to hear from as many people as possible.  You can also make your views known on the Homes for Our Future project on the Create Community Engagement Hub at
Until next time
Cr Dominic King
1 June 2018

Bellingen Courier Sun Story: Protesters boycott Port Macquarie Caring for our Koalas and Environment Conference

Read why:

Taking a stand: Protesters outside the 2018 Koala Conference in Port Macquarie on June 7.

Protesters boycott Port Macquarie Caring for our Koalas and Environment Conference.

Libs move to sell off ABC electorally toxic

The Liberal Party Council has exposed Malcolm Turnbull's secret plan to sell off the ABC, the Australian Greens say.
"Malcolm Turnbull's secret plan to privatise the ABC has been revealed. First it was doing a secret deal with Pauline Hanson's One Nation to 'whack off' money from the ABC's budget, now this," Greens media spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


Justin Field MP
In the lead-up to today's NSW State Budget, the NSW Greens have given notice of laws establishing indicators that will for the first time measure and promote the wellbeing of people, communities and nature across the state.
The Wellbeing Indicators Bill will create a framework to develop and measure the performance of Government in growing the wellbeing of the community alongside the economic performance of the state.

The Greens' Wellbeing Indicators Bill will:

Contamination scandal demands urgent federal and state cooperation

As the number of PFAS contaminated sites continues to grow, the Greens are calling on federal, state and territory governments to urgently offer assistance to impacted residents and workers and clean up the toxic chemicals.

Greens NSW MP and spokesperson for the environment, Dr Mehreen Faruqi said,

“The fact that residents are unaware of PFAS related chemicals in their groundwater and food is not only unacceptable but extremely dangerous. The Government’s neglect on this issue could cause serious harm to people exposed to toxic chemicals.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The NSW Greens have criticised today's NSW State Budget for lacking vision, ignoring environment and climate change, barely playing catch-up on services investment and failing to plan for the long-term wellbeing of the NSW community.

NSW Greens MLC and Treasury spokesperson Justin Field said, "We shortchange the community and environment if the NSW Budget is evaluated in dollar and cents alone.